5 reasons to travel to the Czech Republic in winter

Czech winter is incredibly exciting: on the ski slopes, on quiet or noisy city streets, alone with nature or in the noisy company of tourists from different countries. Let's take a walk through the main features of the Czech Republic in the winter and figure out why it lures tourists at this time of the year.
Reason one: active winter recreation
The Czech Republic is a great place for skiing and snowboarding for any level from beginner to professional. The main feature of ski holidays in the Czech Republic is its low cost compared to other European countries.

In addition to multi-level trails and the opportunity to learn from scratch, snow-covered resorts here are most often located in natural parks. For example, riding on the mountain slopes in Spindleruv Mlyn or Rokytnice nad Jizerou, you are able to admire picturesque views of unique Czech nature.
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Reason two: spa vacation
Who doesn't know the most popular Czech resort - Karlovy Vary? Everyone heard about this place at least once in their life - and if you haven't, now it's the time. Together with two other slightly less well-known cities Marianske and Frantiskovy Lazne, they form the West Bohemian Spa Triangle.

Tourists from all over the world try to get here in winter, and here is why:

  • Karlovy Vary is famous for its thermal springs and unique architecture, that in winter resemble illustrations for Christmas tales;
  • Frantiskovy Lazne is the most "feminine" resort with many famous sanatoriums helping women to conceive and bear children, and healing mineral water;
  • Marianske Lazne is a city, literally shrouded in the Slavkovský Forest, that offers a wellness holiday and unforgettable walks through almost museum-like streets and picturesque parks.
No doubt, every city is beautiful in its own way at any time of the year, but winter seems to leave some mysterious and slightly magical imprint on the entire Czech Republic. And the charming effect of coming back to the romantic 19th and 20th centuries continues in the historic hotels, where many famous writers and nobles stayed.
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Reason three: Christmas Markets
Okay, there is no surprise: getting to Prague at the end of December is almost like hitting the jackpot! The whole city turns into the best and most beautiful Christmas market in the world - for several years Prague has been holding the mark as the best Christmas market in Europe.
Once walking along the festive streets of Zlata Prague, you will no longer forget this atmosphere of miracles, aromas and the warming properties of svařák (svarzhak, aka mulled wine) or freshly baked Trdelník.

The largest and most popular fairs in the Czech Republic are considered to be the two Prague markets, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, where you can buy everything you could ever wish for Christmas mood:

  • toys and souvenirs;
  • cutlery, tableware and national household items;
  • jewellery and unusual decor;
  • Christmas gingerbread and national cuisine.

Christmas fairs are a special kind of holidays, where everyone can experience unforgettable emotions and also can bring home original travel souvenirs as a warm memory.
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Reason four: Czech cuisine
When in the Czech, it's time to prepare your winter body and taste the famous Czech trinity - "meat-dumplings-beer". The national cuisine of this European country is quite satisfying, fatty and rich. That is why most of its dishes are perfect for winter.

Be sure to try a warming Czech cabbage soup, and then try the most popular dish made of potatoes with a fatty sauce or pork fat along with potato or bread dumplings (knedliki).
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Reason five: low prices for accommodation
The period between Christmas and New Year is a high season in the Czech Republic. At this time, the cost of accommodation rises sharply, because everyone wants to see fabulous streets at the most magical time of the year. But we have two secret savings opportunities for you:

  1. Go on a trip right after the New Year, when the fairs have not yet curtailed, the snow will continue to decorate historical sights, and the festive lights will highlight evening streets with a cosy New Year's light. Prices for accommodation during this period, as a rule, are lower.
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