Celebrating Christmas in Tallinn

What to see in Tallinn at Christmas? What traditional Estonian dishes to try?Tallinn with kids

Are you visiting Tallinn in December? You are very lucky, because it's a truly magical time! We are happy to share our checklist for spending a memorable weekend in Tallinn, with hints as to what to see and what to try. This city will envelop you in spicy aromas and you most certainly won't leave without beautiful photos.

1. Admiring the streets and shop windows in the Old Town

You may want to begin with a stroll through the Old Town, decorated with colorful garlands and small Christmas trees, and peeking into the adorned shop windows and cafes.
Along the way, be sure to stop by Pikk Street, which has turned into a real art gallery. The works of various Estonian artists are on display here, and they are an especially lovely sight in the evening.
Maiasmokk, the oldest cafe in Estonia, is also located on Pikk Street, and their storefront won't leave anyone indifferent! The same is definitely true about their melt-in-your-mouth desserts.
In search of beautifully decorated Tallinn spots, don't ignore the cozy craftsmen courtyard with a cute Pierre Chocolaterie cafe. Taste the hot chocolate with a variety of add-ons, some of them very exotic - like tequila. Grab a slice of breathtakingly delicious cake or handmade candy, too.
2. Plunge into the holiday atmosphere at the Christmas market

Tallinn Christmas market at Town Hall Square is an exciting event that makes any visit to Tallinn especially memorable. The little garland-decorated wooden booths offer all kinds of souvenirs, from warm knitted socks to fancy marzipan figurines. Taste the many mulled wine varieties: with sea buckthorn, cherries, plums, and even with Vana Tallinn, the famous Estonian liqueur.

You can also get a mouthful here after your walk: traditional Estonian Christmas dishes are prepared right in front of you in one of the booths: try mulgikapsad (sauerkraut with pork and barley) and blood sausages. Just a whiff will make your stomach rumble :)
3. For the lucky ones: visit the Town Hall building

If you are lucky enough to be in Tallinn between December 28 and 30, don't miss the unique chance to get inside the Town Hall building. In addition to being the only Gothic town hall in Northern Europe and the Baltic States, it offers a gorgeous view of the Town Hall Square
4. Meet digital Santa Claus

Anyone who's been to Tallinn before during the Christmas season surely remembers the cozy house where you could meet and talk with Santa Claus himself. This year, instead of the real Grandfather Frost, you can meet his hologram in the square. This innovative solution maintains a festive atmosphere and fully meets the safety requirements. The hologram looks extraordinary and draws the attention of both children and adults.

5. Skate on an ice rink overlooking Tallinn Old City

Another fun activity with kids is to go to the ice rink on Harju Street. It may not be the largest skating rink in Tallinn, but it's got a magnificent view. Skate rental for 1 hour + a ticket will cost 10 euros for an adult and 8 euros for a child.
We are sure that you'll leave festive Tallinn with the warmest memories, and will want to come back to this fabulous city again and again