Reasons to visit Frantiskovy Lazne

Frantiskovy Lazne is located in the west of the Czech Republic, about 2.5 hours from Prague. It was visited by Beethoven, Strauss, Schiller and Goethe. Let's figure out together what is remarkable about this small town, and why tourists come here every year.

In addition to the beautiful classical architecture and the wonderful mountain climate, Frantiskovy Lazne attracts people from all over the world with its healing mineral springs. Since ancient times, local residents have used this water for their own needs, and also sold it throughout Germany, where it was in great demand.
The symbol of the city and one of the main attractions is the bronze sculpture of František located in the city park. The sculpture is named after the healing mineral spring, thanks to which the city was recognized as a world resort. According to local legend, every woman, touching the sculpture, will certainly soon become pregnant. There is now a copy of the sculpture in the park, as the original was damaged several times and was placed in a museum.

The František Spring is located close to the sculpture. Previously, it was in a wooden pavilion, but in 1832 a new classic pavilion was built in its place, which can be admired today.

In total, there are 24 springs in Františkovy Lázně located throughout the city. Some of them are used for medicinal drinking and some for medicinal baths.
In twenty minutes walk from the city center there is a park called "America" with a picturesque lake. Next to it there is a small zoo for children with ponies and other interesting animals and birds. And nearby there is an interesting archaeological museum with ancient local finds, as well as the original sculpture of little František.
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