Prague fairy tales:
a two-day plan for a visit with your kids

Going to Prague for the weekend? Great idea. Despite all its historical sites, medieval architecture and seriousness, there is something to surprise both adults and children in the Czech capital.

Our guide will make it easy for you to find the perfect places to inspire and amaze you and your family.

Prague Castle - a full day of impressions
This is a place that will overwhelm you with its original castle architecture, and make you feel like true princes and princesses. Prague Castle is practically a city within a city: with its own streets, palaces, residential buildings, holy places and child zones.

The history of one of the largest castle complexes in the world began in the 9th century. Its main attractions include:

  • Basilica of St. George, the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the Cathedral of St. Vitus with a tower and a magnificent observation deck;
  • Picturesque Golden Lane with multi-colored fairy-tale houses built into the former fortress wall of the Prague Castle; ● Toy Museum Prague that displays a four-century history of toys: trains, cars, planes, bears, dolls, kitchen utensils and furniture, wooden toys, zoos,
  • Barbies, Star Wars, robots, etc.
Time flies by unnoticed here, so allot a whole day to getting around the fabulous Prague Castle and experience genuine pleasure and real children's delight at any age.

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Prague Zoo: on the road with giraffes and elephants
One of the best zoos in the world, where all animals live like they do in nature: without cages, but with small fences to keep them away from the guests.

The whole zoo is divided into different thematic zones, where animals are kept according to their region of origin: Africa, Australia, northern forests and others.

In addition to the usual and familiar animals, such as bears, giraffes, deer, elephants, crocodiles of various species, flamingos and penguins, the Prague Zoo has a separate bat pavilion.

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Railway Museum
  • Its full proper name - the kingdom of railways - is fully justified by the live exposition of the entire city on an area of just over 1000 square meters:
  • small and large houses on real Prague streets;
  • railway stations and continuous train traffic;
  • moving public and freight transport: trams, buses, trucks;
  • bridges, roads, funicular, Skoda factory with batches of new cars in the yard.

Day follows night here in a very realistic fashion. Cozy lamps light up in small houses, bridges and city streets are beautifully illuminated.

And all this is combined with an accurate display of the natural landscapes of the Czech capital. You'll be cherishing these memories for years to come - guaranteed.

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Children's Island: everything for children and something for parents
One of the few free playgrounds for children. The children's zone occupies more than half of the entire island and is divided into several age-specific zones, where every fidget will find something to do. Swings, sand, slides, horizontal bars and climbing frames are the perfect place for every child, where they can run around as much as they want with no restrictions.

Beautiful views of the other shore and the Slavic Island open up from the site, and you can rent a catamaran.
There is a simple and cozy restaurant at the entrance to the children's area where you can recharge your batteries in the middle of a long walk.

Two days in Prague fly by unnoticed, especially in the company of children: strolling along the old streets, traditional snacks on the go and hunting for unique photo shots. And when you go back to a cozy and comfortable hotel after long walks around this lovely and hospitable city, your strength for new achievements is doubled.

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