9 Revelton Ingredients for a Perfect Stay


We all know how important it is to choose the right place to stay during your vacation, because it has a huge impact on the experience of the entire trip. At Revelton, we try our best to make our guests feel comfortable. And we managed to develop our own formula for perfect accommodations:

1. Contact-free check-in and check-out

Who wants to stand in line at the reception waiting for that coveted room key? We at Revelton have abandoned this procedure a couple of years ago, replacing it with a convenient online check-in, which guests can go through before the actual arrival, at any convenient time. Room keys are no longer needed either, because all doors are opened using a PIN-code.

2. Detailed arrival instructions

To make the check-in process even easier and more convenient, we have drawn up illustrated step-by-step instructions, which we send to our guests prior to check-in. The instructions describe each step, and some of the steps are explained in short videos, which makes the check-in seamless.

3. Staff remains in touch via all popular instant messengers

Need help but can't find an administrator? They are closer than you think;) Just pick up your phone, scan the QR code and voila! Our employees are right there, ready to help you on any issue, in touch via all popular instant messengers.

4. Fully equipped kitchen

What could be more cozy than homemade food prepared with your own hands? There's a fully equipped kitchen in every Revelton apartment: refrigerator, electric stove, kitchen utensils, crockery and much more. In order to introduce you to the local cuisine, we have collected several national recipes. Find them by using a special QR code posted in the apartment.

5. Modern technology in the apartment

All our apartments have Netflix access, and some of our apartments also have a projector connected to an Apple TV for a true home cinema experience. In addition, some apartments have bedside lamps with wireless charging, so you can just put your phone on the lamp base for a while to recharge.
6. Instructions for techniques and advice from the locals in your smartphone

As we said, our apartments are equipped with various equipment, from a stove to an Apple TV projector, and you may sometimes wonder: how do you use all of this? That's why we prepared instructions for everything in your apartment. There is always a small sticker with a QR code next to every piece of equipment. Simply scan it, and you will see the instructions for the equipment you need.

There are also tips from locals for exploring the city: the best restaurants, museums and entertainment, along with a lot of other useful information both about the city and about the apart-hotel itself.

7. Striking interiors with a common concept

Another feature of our apartments is the presence of a common concept that unites the apartments and the communal spaces. For example, we based our design of the Revelton Studios Marianske Lazne apart-hotel on the theme music. Each apartment is dedicated to a musician or band, and you can even listen to the song using the QR code located on the front door of the apartment. There is also an interactive music museum on site, which guests can visit free of charge.
8. Central location

All our apart-hotels are always located in the city center, within walking distance of the main attractions.

9. Interactive museums

Not sure how to spend your free time? Some of our aparthotels have interactive museums that our guests can visit for free. It's a great idea to have fun with your friends or family.

So, mix all of the above ingredients, and here you are – in a homely, cozy, modern and high-tech apart-hotel with attentive but unobtrusive service. This is exactly what we think the perfect "home away from home" should be. Come visit us and experience Revelton.