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You've explored the old town up and down, photographed all the sights, bought all the souvenirs, and now your soul is craving new impressions and picturesque landscapes? Then we have just what the you need: the top spots for wildlife in Estonia in the vicinity of Tallinn, especially if you are love outdoor recreation.

The most comfortable way to get to all these places is by car. If you came to Tallinn without one, and have a driver's license, you can easily rent one. You can use any international online service to find a suitable option for car rental Estonia. Try Rentalcars, or use the "Rent a Car" feature on

Glehn Castle
After you've resolved the car issue, it's time to choose the exact trip destination. The out-of-town attraction nearest to the Revelton Suites is Glehn Castle (19 minutes by car), built in 1886. The castle resembles a real medieval fortress, and next to it there is an observatory, a palm house, and the sculptures of Kalevipoeg (a hero of Estonian mythology) and a dragon (though in our humble opinion, it looks more like a crocodile). This place is also known for being the filming site of the Russian version of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Dog of the Baskervilles" by Igor Maslennikov. Unfortunately, you can't go inside the castle or the observatory, since they are not accepting visitors now, but you'll certainly enjoy the walk through the park, away from the city noise.

Saula Siniallikad

Another place near Tallinn that we recommend you visit is Saula Siniallikad (30 minutes by car from Revelton Suites). These are the three sacred springs, each different in color: bluish-green, brownish-black and bluish-gray. The difference in color is due to the shade of the soil and the reflection of light from the sand through the crystal-clear water. According to the legends, the springs have healing properties and can cure any disease. Be that as it may, the view from the springs is magnificent, and you'll definitely be happy with the vivid photos you'll take away as a keepsake. Especially if you are lucky enough to get here in sunny weather.
Keila-Joa estate and waterfall

The Keila-Joa Park with the neo-Gothic Schloss Fall estate is about a 35-minute drive from our aparthotel. The name of the estate comes from the German Schloss –(castle), and Fallen (to fall). It got its name from the picturesque waterfall nearby. The waterfall is 6 meters high, and its width reaches 70 meters during floods. There is also a nature trail in the park, which you can cover in about 2-3 hours.

Jagala waterfall

Jagala, one of the largest waterfalls in Estonia, is located at about the same distance from Tallinn (about a 35-minute drive). The abandoned hydroelectric power station downstream of the waterfall was one of the filming sites for Andrey Tarkovsky's famous film Stalker. At the mouth of the river is a picturesque suspension bridge, which you can use to cross to the other side of the Jagala River.

Pakri Peninsula

The Pakri Peninsula, which offers a magnificent view of the sea from the cliff is about an hour's drive from Tallinn. The tallest lighthouse in Estonia (Pakri tuletorn) is also located right here, standing 52.3 meters tall. Anyone can climb the lighthouse after buying a ticket for about 5 euros. However, the lighthouse opening hours may vary depending on the season, so it is better to check the schedule in advance on the official website. Take warm, windproof clothes with you on your trip to the peninsula, since there is a strong wind constantly blowing from the sea, and you can easily catch a cold even in warm weather.
We are sure that Estonian nature won't leave you indifferent, and a stroll in the fresh air will allow you to relax and unwind from the bustle of the lovely Tallinn neighborhoods. So, if you have a car and some free time, then choose the locations you like and hit the road! If you want to spend more than one day outdoors, search for camping places Estonia, and you'll be delighted by the results.